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Spot The Difference: Lupita and Ayugi



It is obvious Lupita Nyong’o is Kenya’s sample for success, so their current Miss Universe, Gaylyne Ayugi, is pulling everything Lupita to convince the lightning to strike twice, from the Oscar award for Lupita to Miss Universe crown for Ayugi. The Kenyans must have gone through the trouble of selecting a girl that looks like Lupita to represent them in the annual contest, or is it just coincidence? Ayugi went ahead to cut her hair like Lupita’s, even wore similar white gown Lupita wore on the red carpet. She copies the actress in her smiles and poses. The Kenyans must believe that if charcoal dark skin, low, natural haircut; in fact if Lupita worked for Lupita then it would work for Ayugi too. But, let’s wait and see if it would work for the judges this time, since it is in the same USA where her fellow country woman won the Oscar.

-Ify Chemieziem


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