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Style tips for tall men



Style tips for tall men
In part one of our guide to dressing as a tall man, we outlined some general guidelines that this body type should adhere to in order to balance their often long and lean frame.
Although personal taste will dictate the way you dress or your personal style, depending on your body type there are also certain techniques that can be adopted to highlight the parts of your body you feel most comfortable with, whilst shifting attention away from those parts you don’t.
Tall men should look to break up the vertical lines and ‘linear’ silhouette produced naturally by their body – this helps to keep the upper and lower halves in proportion.
We will now aim to completely break down the tall man’s ideal wardrobe; detailing the key pieces that should be considered and providing inspiration as to how these can be paired together to create stylish and interesting looks.
Jackets & Blazers: When considering jackets or blazers, be sure to focus on fit, then let fashion follow suit.
The length of a jacket often depends on many variables, such as personal style, type of outer wear and its function. Bearing in mind the principles we outlined in part one of this guide, it is important that you look to break up the vertical silhouette and balance your frame.
Legwear: As highlighted previously, the ideal cut for taller men is straight or slim. Skinny fits will not only draw unwanted attention to leg length but will shape them to appear even longer. Tapered fits also emphasise length; the narrowing shape creates an imbalance with the upper body.
Straight and slim fits don’t widen or narrow the leg too much, keep your top and bottom half in proportion and are classic cuts that will never go out of style.
Tops & Shirts: Finding the correct fitting shirt can be a difficult task for the majority of men, but for a tall man it can seem much harder. Sleeves finishing short of the wrist, excess material around the chest and stomach and a struggle to find a shirt long enough are all problems regularly faced.
Knitwear: Layering is one of the top techniques for bulking out and breaking up a tall silhouette. Multiple layers will help broaden your appearance, so be experimental and utilise lightweight pieces to ensure you don’t become hot or uncomfortable.
Avoid v-necks and roll necks as these will instantly lengthen your neck. With regards to fabric and detailing, fine merino and lightweight linen/cotton blends will offer versatility and allow you to layer multiple pieces, whilst flecked wool and marl styles will add focus points that subtly draw the eye.
Accessories: A range of accessories are vital in the tall man’s wardrobe. Not only do they help add personality to your look but they can also be used to break up your linear structure and draw attention to specific parts of your body.
Belts will help to split your silhouette in two, much like using contrasting colours for your top and bottom half. By providing a point of interest at your centre point, it will stop the eye line moving in one fluid motion from head to toe. Coloured or interesting textured belts (think webbing, plaited etc.) are especially good at this.
Footwear: The majority of tall men will naturally have big feet, which can become a personal hang-up. Thin-soled shoes and slim silhouettes are your best bets here, as they will help to reduce the appearance of size. Common sense dictates that a slimmer heel is also required, as anything else will simply elongate the leg whilst simultaneously increasing overall height.
Most footwear styles are now available in a slimmer profile, even formal styles such as brogues, Derbies and Oxfords. Classic spring/summer-appropriate silhouettes such as loafers, boat shoes or espadrilles work particularly well due to their low-profile cut.
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