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Taliban attacks Afghan province, Badghis



The Taliban on Wednesday attacked a provincial capital in Afghanistan, Baghdis.

The early morning attack reportedly caused panic among local people and prompted prisoners to break out of the city’s prison.

Fierce fighting erupted in the western city of Qala-e-Naw, the capital of northwestern Badghis province, after the armed group fighters captured the province surrounding districts.

Badghis Governor, Hessamuddin Shams, confirmed the attack.

He said: “The enemy has entered the city, all the districts have fallen. The fighting has started inside the city.”

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Badghis provincial council chief, Abdul Aziz Bek, and council member, Zia Gul Habibi, also confirmed that fighting between the Taliban and government forces had erupted inside the city.

“Fighting continues in different parts of the city right now,” Bek said.

He told journalists that some security officials surrendered to the Taliban during the night.

“Qala-e-Naw was in a state of disarray as security forces and people do not know what to do now.

“More than 200 prisoners in the central prison of the Badghis broke the prison gate and escaped,” he added.

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