That Ambode may live

Joseph Edgar

By Joseph Edgar…

You know one would have thought that with the madness that occasioned the Lagos State gubernatorial elections which saw the establishment bare their fangs and deny this gentleman his legitimate attempt at a second term, they would go home to revel in the sweet nectar of a phyric victory. If you thought so, you thought wrong.

They have vowed to scuttle his nomination into a ministerial appointment despite the fact that the President is favorably disposed to same. They are said to be considering a push towards the EFCC and a position that the man is from Ondo state.

You see, as a commentator you get fatigued atimes at the infantile disposition of some of our leaders, especially these ones who cannot see beyond their over fed noses and who are riddled by shallow expectations of benefits far removed from the greater good. To them it’s all about themselves and their immediate benefits. They lack the long term vision and drive that is needed to ensure the true benefits of a democratic experience.

If they were long sighted, they would have seen that Ambode, seeing the coming violent wave of opposition by the cabal who put him there and who now feel that he no longer serves their purpose had started building a well fortified bridge to the centre where it matters most.

He had secured the strong support of the Presidency and the hawks who guard that shrine and as much had secured for himself a far more better positioning in the scheme of things as against the clay footed positioning which relied very heavily on the shaky disposition of a patriarch who was all seeing and all knowing.

They still failed to see, that this move would reduce their slots when it came to cabinet appointments. They must have told themselves even if they saw the possibility, that ‘when we get to that bridge, we will cross it’. They are now at the bridge and like the senseless mob that they are, they are threatening with the EFCC as if they have never heard that those who live in glass houses do not throw stones.

We are tired of asking what exactly has Ambode done, we have been told severally that majorly he ‘never carried the partymen along’ and as such he must pay the ultimate price which was total castration and political annihilation.

The fact that the man caused a revolution in infrastructure, entertainment, shored up revenues, better positioned the health and entertainment industries and generally put Lagos in a better position was blinded to these pharisees.

It is this same skill set that the Presidency must have seen in beginning to look towards him to come and replicate his ‘magic’ at the centre. How this appointment would affect the fortunes of his enemies apart from reducing their slot by one beats me.

Well, all we can say and do at this point is to point the people towards the Awolowo Road office of the EFCC, or what else can we do?

Lets go there.

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