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The demonization of Matthew Kukah



He shot from the hips as he is wont to do. He never minces words and I think the believe in his infallibility or inability to contain him gives him the courage to say things mere mortals do not dare to say.

For fear, I will not repeat the things he had said but I will say that those things are the core of the issue we face since 2015. It takes a lot of courage, believe in infallibility or not, to come out to say those things he has said.

I have followed the Reverend since the times of the military. To my mind, he is positioned as the famed South African Clergy man, Desmond Tutu, who stood firmly against the evil Apartheid system, earning even as much accolade as the legend himself- Nelson Mandela.

So, responses have been quick and deadly. Jokers have carved all sort f meanings to his statement and have been calling for his head. They say he has asked for a violent regime change and as such he should be castrated. All sort of colorations have been thrown at his position.

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Well, this is a seeming characterization of Nigeria. We hide behind fickle walls of ethnicity, selfish interest m, amongst such avarice, in the face of truth. We will not look very closely at his statement and ask salient questions- Why did he say what he said? Is what he said the whole truth? What can be done if it is the truth m? How do we get ourselves out of the albatross if that is truly where we are?

Instead we are calling on the Vatican to disrobe him, to embarrass him. We are looking into his closet to see if there are any hidden sexual dalliances there to rubbish his image, thereby going at his legitimacy.

Meanwhile, while doing that, the train is continuing in its journey into the abyss with no hope for restitution.

If I were the leader, I would call him to tea to better understand his position if I do not, and seek legitimate advise instead of listening to the frogs who surround me and would only croak to the tunes that they think I only want to listen to.

This the bane of leadership in our country, the sawing off of the leader away from the realities on the ground and as such leading to faulty decision taking. This explains why our leader would be crying out that he doesn’t know. He is not aware. In that context, I really do blame him for he is as helpless as the man on the street. If he does not know, how will he engage?

The demonization of Father Kukah, much as expected, is a real far cry from the practical response to such a powerful statement. It is just laughable that we would respond to such a strident cry by dancing naked around the fire.

Author: Joseph Edgar…

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