The young will never rule!

OSHIOMOLE: What I would not do

Ade is my friend. He lives in the next estate and got introduced to me by a mutual friend, Niyi. The enthusiasm was real, the energy levels were outstanding and he wanted to go to the House of Representative on the platform of the APC. He quickly joined our growing whats App political forum –Duke’s Summit and began to excite the group with the clarity of his thought processes.

He had listened to the call, the call for the young to rule. He was young, accomplished and ready to rule but first he had to scale the hurdle of the party primaries. He was primed, he had built a good support base, he had done the traditional media round and he was ready but the powers that be thought otherwise.

He called me frantically last night, he wanted to talk. He wanted to sound me out. The APC, the ruling party had just announced a N4m fee for nomination form and to make matters worse, gave only a five day window to come up with the amount. His frustration was palpable and I felt pity.

But tarry, my pity should not be for Ade and the millions of youths who aspire and indeed have a lot to offer but the country. The pity is for the geriatrics who control and hold power to the long term detriment of society. They are the ones who in their lifetimes will not see the glory that is the country because of their shallow and banal pursuits as it concerns power.

What I have told Ade is to calm down, go back and do his homework and work towards 2022 when the emerging wave of ebullient crusade would have taken firm rooting, sweeping away these geriatric demagogues who hold sway today.

You see, the truth is that youths who expect power to be handed easily to them by these dragons are really not a serious bunch and do not deserve our attention. Nobody gives out power on a platter. You have to be ready to fight and grab it for strategic purpose, not running to one self-appointed demagogue who over the years has built structures that have seized the levers of decision making from all spectre.

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Youths have seized other industries like entertainment, technology, services, real estate, and have built viable and enviable structures that have left Government gaping and running to catch up. The entertainment industry for example, I hear, is now worth over N3trillion with little or no government support. But today government is struggling to keep up with outdated regulations.

The same energy should be transported into the political realm by youths who are playing in politics.

They should take a leave from their colleagues in business and build independent structures, strategies aimed at taking over. Nollywood did not just happen on us, it took years of toil, focus and struggle. Same would be in politics, we cannot win over night. It has to be a sustainable campaign laced with vision, integrity and focus-driven pressure.

No tears for Ade and the rest. They should come join hands with us in building an independent structure that would first compete favourably with the dynasties of oppression with a view of taking over.

First step is the independent financial model which I am building. This model will use 20million youths as a pilot to raise what I call retail funds for qualified candidates 45year old and below. This should give us a war chest that would give the system a run for their money. That is the way to go.

For now, this is not time for tears but time for work. Youths in politics, as a matter of urgency, must go read the script of their colleagues in the other sectors and build a veritable structure that would render people like the Asiwaju’s, Atiku’s, and IBB’s irrelevant in the Nigeria of our dreams.


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We are an online newspaper, very passionate about Nigerian politics, business and their leaders. We dig deeper, without borders and without fears.