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Trump grabs Florida, pushes into early lead



Donald Trump has completely turned the tables on Hillary Clinton, and the race is extremely close.

His wins in Ohio, Florida, and, increasingly likely, North Carolina, have put a tremendous amount of pressure on Mrs. Clinton to hold traditionally blue states, and her grip on states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin is shaky. Mr. Trump only needs to win one of those states to have Mrs. Clinton on the electoral ropes.

At this point, either candidate has a real chance to win, but the night has become much more challenging for the Clinton campaign than many had envisioned.

Nevada and New Hampshire, with their relatively small number of electoral votes, are looking increasingly important.

Mr. Trump has not lost a single state that he was projected to win and he has snatched several of the close states.

Mrs. Clinton’s wins in Colorado and Virginia were close but give her a pathway to pull this off if she can hold off Mr. Trump in the Upper Midwest.

Wall Street Journal November 6, 2016

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