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Trump hails parade by supporters in Nigeria as ‘great honour’



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United States President, Donald Trump, on Tuesday hailed a parade by his supporters in Nigeria as a great honour.

Trump, who is seeking re-election for another term of four-years in Tuesday’s election, reacted to the show of support from Africa’s largest country on his Twitter handle.

The president shared a video of the parade on the microblogging platform with a caption: “A parade for me in Nigeria, a great honor!”

In the video, a group of men and women were seen singing different victory songs amid intense drumming in support of the US Republican candidate.

The supporters also waved the US flags and placards with different inscriptions including, “Trump 2020.”

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However, the president and his Democratic Party challenger, Joe Biden, have continued their verbal attacks in a bid to sway voters in their favour.

At a forum in Washington on Monday, Trump described the ex-US vice president as a “sleepy Joe” and warned Americans against voting for the Democratic candidate.

He said: “A vote for Sleepy Joe Biden is a vote to give control of government over to Globalists, Communists, Socialists, and Wealthy Liberal Hypocrites who want to silence, censor, cancel, and punish you.”

Biden fired back, saying “If we give Donald Trump another four years in the White House, our planet will never recover.”

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