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Trump raises eyebrows over Oracle move to shield TikTok



President Donald Trump has raised eyebrows on the new development, where America’s leading software company Oracle plans to shield Chinese short video app TikTok from the intended ban in America.

The deal, which will still see China’s ByteDance keeping a majority stake in the US operations of popular social media platform, is being signed off as insufficient security and guarantee.

According to reports, there are agitations from six Republican lawmakers urging Trump to outrightly reject the proposal.

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However, Trump, who has refused to comment on development, said that he would be comprehensively briefed on Thursday about the proposal.

Meanwhile, Senator Marco Rubio and five other Republican senators on Wednesday urged the administration to reject the deal as long as ties remained to Chinese owner, ByteDance.

Recall that Trump had previously threatened to ban the app unless its US operations were sold to a US company.

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