Two alleged looters shot dead in South Africa
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Two alleged looters shot dead in South Africa



At least two suspected looters have been shot dead in South Africa following brewing violence triggered by the ruling party’s choice of a mayoral candidate for local polls which led to looting of shops.

According to police, the mounting violence saw the arrest of 40 people by security forces who were suspected of looting shops in the capital city in the build-up to President Jacob Zuma’s August 3rd elections which is likely to be a referendum.

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Residents of Pretoria’s townships started setting cars and buses alight on Monday night after the ruling African National Congress’ (ANC) named a candidate in the Tshwane municipality where the capital city is located, overruling the choice of regional branches. Burned-out cars blocked roads on Wednesday.

The two killed were shot on Tuesday night.

“Two of the suspects were shot and killed following looting at Mamelodi,” police said in a statement, adding that those arrested would face charges of violence and theft.

“Incidents of protests and looting continued in other areas while situation is tense in others.”


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