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U.S. worried over Rwanda role in Burundi crisis



The United States say it is disturbed by the role being played by Rwanda in the ongoing crisis rocking its East African neighbours Burundi.
Reports say Rwanda is directly involved in “destabilising activities” in Burundi with the U.S. suggesting that Rwanda deployed trained refugees fighting on behalf of Burundi opposition.

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According to Thomas Perriello, US envoy for the Great Lakes region of Africa; Burundi refugees, including children were recruited and trained from camps in Rwanda to take part in armed attacks against Nkurunziza’s government.

Though, the Rwandan government has denied allegations of involvement, two top diplomats cited reports from colleagues in the field that they said pointed to Rwandan involvement in Burundi unrest.

The East African country was thrown into turmoil when the incumbent, President Pierre Nkurunziza made his intention to run for a third term known last April amid wide-spread disagreement by Burundian’s.

Nkurunziza later won a disputed election to fulfil his third term bid sparking violence in the once peaceful country with more than 400 people reported to have lost their lives in civil strife and at least 240,000 civilians estimated to have fled the country.

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