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Ugandan bike-hailing company enters Nigeria to compete with Chinese Oride and other players

Ugandan bike-hailing company enters Nigeria to compete with Chinese Oride and other players

The eventual entry of the Ugandan bike-hailing company, SafeBoda, into the shores of Nigeria has confirmed again that more foreign investors have a soft spot for the country. And, despite a list of economic challenges confronting the nations, its large population that places it as the largest in Africa still serves to an advantage.

This is SafeBoda coming to lock horns with Oride, Gokada, Maxng and other players as they compete for market shares. Perhaps, SafeBoda was being strategic with its launch by avoiding taking off in Lagos, where Oride and other major players already have strong hold.

With recent funding raised by Oride and other players, SafeBoda should prepare for the toughest competition ever. It’s country manager, Babajide Duroshola, must buckle up to test his might as SafeBoda dabbles to contend with existing players.

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If SafeBoda succeeds in penetrating and making tangible converting, it means the ex-Andela community manager have had his assignments empirically sorted well ahead of the launch.

As the bike-hailing market welcomes SafeBoda, interesting times are, no doubt, ahead. For launching at this time, the firm must have subscribed to the daily N500 levy as recently imposed by the road union.

One unanswered question, however, is: will this Ugandan firm use the lower price strategy or kick with a different trick?

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