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UK PM accuses Russia of election meddling, cyber espionage



Russia has been accused by UK Prime Minister Theresa May of election meddling and cyber espionage.

May in one of her strongest attacks on Russia yet, while addressing leading business figures at a banquet in London, said Putin’s government was trying to “undermine free societies”.

Mrs May said it was “planting fake stories” to “sow discord in the West”.

While the UK did not want “perpetual confrontation” with Russia, it would protect its interests, she added.

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Two months ago, former US Secretary of State and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton revealed in an interview with the USA Today, that she’s “convinced” there was collusion between Russia and members of Donald Trump’s team during the 2016 election campaign.

Clinton’s answer was, “I’m convinced of it” when she was asked if she believes that there was collusion by Trump associates with Russians during the campaign.

“I happen to believe in the rule of law and believe in evidence, so I’m not going to go off and make all kinds of outrageous claims,” the former Democratic presidential hopeful said. “But if you look at what we’ve learned since (the election), it’s pretty troubling.”



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