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Webb throws weight behind Video Assistant Referees (VAR) to improve English Premier League

Webb throws weight behind Video Assistant Referees (VAR) to improve English Premier League

SPORT.NETBET.NG: Many critics of the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) have questioned the speed of deployment of VAR and whether the delay in achieving the goals will be diluted. But Howard Webb, who has spent the last two years managing the use of technology in MLS, thinks these concerns are distorted.

Webb has more experience than most referees in high-level football matches and has been sued for Major League Soccer (MLS) in North America. He is convinced that the video assistants (VAR) would only improve the English Premier League (EPL).

The VAR will debut in the Premier League as Norwich City at Anfield host the new season on Friday evening. But it is fair to say that there is still much in England that questions the impact of technology on football. “There were 1,299 goals in MLS last season, and only four were allowed to stay which should be canceled. All were checked and in just four cases the VAR did not do its job properly and lacked an officer or handball. Four.

“The Premier League is not broken, it is a very competitive league that is well-refereed, but because of its speed, the referees will make mistakes and the VAR is there to help,” the former referee at Premier League told Reuters. Webb, who refereed the World Cup and Champions League finals in 2010, is now Managing Director of the Professional Arbitration Organization, In US. He illustrated how the technology works in a game between the New York Red Bulls and Columbus Crew at the MLS Eastern Conference in late July.

“Ninety-eight percent of MLS goals were achieved last season. Almost all of these goals were checked without delaying the resumption. People only remember those who were excluded.” We tell fans and teams to celebrate. There is a very good chance that the target will be retained.

As the game went down to the smallest detail, the local crowd erupting in anger like this, in his view, caused a surge in Daniel Royer’s penalty shootout, which was noted by referee Fotis. You will know. If the game was interrupted after such an incident in the Premier League last year, then it was so, and the injured coach would remain to release his anger after the match. In MLS, one of the first football leagues in the world to implement VAR technology, the penalty was awarded after review.

Unlike the Premier League, where value-added resellers will be stationed in a central hub in Stockley Park, West London, Webb has assembled teams at each MLS stadium. There is a VAR wizard, a man who communicates with the stadium announcer and Falcon Eye program operator, who gives officials the tools they need to do their job.

“My feeling is that it was not a repair kick,” Webb told Reuters at his best spot on the stands. “Did the VAR think this was an obvious mistake? There is some subjectivity to this topic. There will be a lot of debate in the Premier League this season.”

Each goal of each MLS match is reviewed, while other decisions that the VAR believes missed by the official in the field may be reviewed. The referee is invited to watch a television screen on the edge of the field.

“As a management team, I watch each magazine weekly,” Webb said. “On Monday, we placed all possible notices on an internal site and all value-added resellers voted for accuracy. “Each official will receive a score for each match. This affects the matches they give and ultimately their work. As the crowd leaves the field after the Red Bulls’ 3-2 defeat, Webb rushes to meet the team.

“We have a game camera, after the action, that the value trader monitors,” Webb said. “If they see something that may need another look, they look at two other screens where they can see the action with a delay of three seconds.” Then you press the big red button that everyone uses, and the exam begins. We want the decision on earth to be the right one unless it is clearly wrong.

He discusses the merits of the decision to grant the fine after an evaluation with VAR Jon Freemon. After hearing the explanation, Webb agrees with its manager and the voting system shows later in the week that 98% of value-added resellers also agree.

“To this day, people still talk about this tackle against Nigel De Jong,” he said. “It’s such a bright red card. If there was VAR and they took me back to the screen to see it again, I immediately sent it to them.”

Webb believes that career officers are desperate to make all the decisions correctly. “I would have welcomed VAR personally after not having fired Dutch midfielder Nigel De Jong for a kung fu kick to Xabi Alonso in Spain in the 2010 World Cup final”, he stated.



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