What is an Igbo man ‘s own with Jonathan?

By Cosmos Ugwuoke . . .

What I am about doing here doesn’t have particular dates but it happened mostly within in our very recent past .For some acclaimed students of history like me, it extends beyond that. It dates back to the early 80’s. Precisely when Ikemba Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu came back from exile. Igbos lined up from Enugu airport to Nnewi to welcome our hero back. That occasion was called “onye ije nno” meaning, “the traveller, you’re welcome back”, something like that. The only thing that rivalled it was Pope John Paul the second ‘ s visit to eastern Nigeria. Fast forward now, Ojukwu hardly settled down before joining politics. He joined NPN, did u hear me? NPN , a northern party as against NPP led by Zik. Ojukwu contested for a senatorial seat and he failed. His own people denied him. NPP started calling our hero names; “ogba oso, ewu afu onu etc” . Our hero contested every thing such as the presidency and Ndigbo rejected him. Is it the story of Chief Joe Nwodo and the NRC convention in Porth Harcourt? Or Chief Alex Ekwueme’s two time bid to become the president? In all these ocassions, Ndigbo sold Ndigbo.

Fast forward to Buhari that we love to hate now. I really I am not Mr president’s fan but like my good friend and colleague Henry Effiom will say, Ndigbo need to cut Buhari a slack. His first time out wanting to be a civilian president, this guy chose Ndigbo ‘ s cerebral best in the person of late Chuba Okadigbo, the oyi of oyi, Ndigbo rejected him and our son. He, Buhari tried again and picked our own again Chief Ben Obi. This time around, Ndigbo did not only reject him, our own person, the chairman of ANPP then late chief Edwin Umezoke left the party and joined PDP while the case was still in court while uncle Ben Obi took up a post with the ruling party. Buhari headed West having been humiliated twice in the east. With his “religious bigotry” he pitched his tent with a fiery evangelical preacher called Tunde Bakare, Yorubas were suspicious, they balked and once again he failed. This time around he resolved not to try again. It took the resolve of a man that has been in the political dug outs and trenches like a certain Bola Tinubu to revive this man’s ambition and this time around he made it.

Meanwhile a guy that his father named Azikiwe was leveraging on just that name and fooling Ndigbo that he is our son and he will do heaven and earth for Ndigbo. He did nothing. He may have wanted to but his dreams for Ndigbo was anchored on the second term which became stillbirth. I still don’t understand why Ndigbo are so fixated about Jonathan. What did he do for Ndigbo? Ijaw people whose son he really is, have moved on , why have Ndigbo refused to move on? Please what exactly is Ndigbo ‘ s own with this man called Goodluck Ebele Jonathan?

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