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Why #NoWaterInEnugu is currently trending on Twitter



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The hashtag #NoWaterInEnugu is currently trending on the social media platform, Twitter, as residents in Enugu State took to their handles to narrate their ordeal while trying to access water in the state, alleging a shortage of water because of the dry season.

While some say it’s an everyday thing and not because of the season, many users of the platform, including those living outside Enugu, have joined them in solidarity, making it one of the top trends.

This calls for concern as many residents claim they spend so much money on water on a daily basis, accusing the state government of nonchalance in addressing the water scarcity issue in the state.

A Twitter user Ogwu Obara @Iam_mhykie, said he spends nothing less than N10,000 every month, buying water in Enugu, which is even when tanker agrees to come and not complain that the road is bad and can’t make it.

In another tweet, he said, “Yesterday, I was about to get water from the tank and realised it’s finished already… My heart skipped a beat. For how long do we continue like this in Enugu? Is it that the Enugu state government are oblivious to this plight the citizens are facing? #NoWaterInEnugu”.

Another user with the handle @Ujamidaize, twitted, “If only Gburugburu invested half the effort he’s put into his billboard modeling career into solving the real problems facing ndi Enugu. #NoWaterInEnugu.”

In another tweet, a user @AfamDeluxo, twitted, “This is 2021 and Enugu State is still struggling with ordinary water. Mmiri nkịtị. What kind of leaders do we have in Alaigbo bikonu? If government can’t provide basics us, what’s the need of paying tax? What’s the need of even having a government? Smh #NoWaterInEnugu.”

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Recall that the Enugu State government in January, awarded the contract for the rehabilitation of the 9th Mile water scheme at the cost of N600 million to boost water supply in the state.

In a statement signed by the Special Adviser to the Governor on Water Resources, Anthony Onyia, in Enugu on Wednesday January 20, the state government said the contract was awarded to FordMarx Nigeria Ltd.

According to the state government, the water project ‘Crash Programme’ would be a solar powered project to avoid the peculiar challenge of power supply.

He said that the contract, which had a six-month duration, would boost the volume of water being supplied to the state metropolis and its environment.

Meanwhile, the state government is yet to react to the trending issue, which is currently on the number two spot trending hashtag on Twitter.

By Victor Ifeanyi Uzoho…

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