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Worried about nation’s leadership, Diaspora Nigerians engage US govt



The agitations for secession and subtle talk about an imminent coup within the Nigerian political landscape has elicited a reaction from the Nigerian-American Diaspora Community.

In order to redress the challenges plaguing the country, the community on Monday engaged with the U.S. Department of State on ways to address Nigeria’s security and economic challenges.

Ripples Nigeria gathered that this discussion was spearheaded by president of the Nigerian-American Public Affairs Committee (NAPAC) Dr Nelson Aluya who noted that the Joe Biden administration was interested in ensuring a stable Nigeria.

According to Aluya, the American Government expressed concerns about the current insecurity in Nigeria.

“They (U.S. officials) recognised that there are multiple problems in Nigeria and they recognised the potential of the Nigerian-American Diaspora Community in the U.S. in solving those issues.

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“They are ready to work with us on those key issues; we are concerned and frustrated with ineptitude and lack of leadership in security because of the way people are dying.

“They did tell us that they are working with the Nigerian government and they are in direct contact to help out in the context of national integrity and autonomy,’’ he said.

Aluya further revealed that the major objective of this collaboration “is to pull Nigerians in the U.S. and across the globe together, into a strong and formidable force, so that together, we can collaborate with other Nigerian associations.

“We need to work together and do greater things in Nigeria so that we can elevate the youth to foster dialogue for peace and negotiation, as well as taking active steps to engage the government,’’ he said.

By Mayowa Oladeji…

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