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Zamfara residents scramble for ‘anti-gunshot’ amulets



Hundreds of people troop daily to Tsauni Village in Yankuzo District of Tsafe LGA of Zamfara State to acquire an anti-bullet amulet being sold by a resident. Many locals believe that the charm would protect them from bullets, as they live in constant fear of attacks from bandits.

People from different parts of the state throng Tsauni in search of the charm. They said taking the “bullet repellant” is the only option available, at least for now.

“Once you come here, you will be given a very tiny charm with a cup of water for you to swallow it. If you push it down your throat, you will pay N200 for it. Shots will be fired at you to test its efficacy. No-one is allowed to take it home as customers are asked to swallow it right from where they collect it,” a resident, Bala Hassan, said.

Daily Trust Saturday learnt that the charm was initially hung on a tree and gun-wielding men would be asked to fire several shots at it, but the bullets would miss the tree.

Daily Trust, Saturday, March 30, 2019

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