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Top military officers plotting coup against Buhari, militants allege



Contesting 2015 election was against my will, Buhari reveals

The Joint Niger Delta Liberation Force (JNDLF), on Wednesday alleged that there are underground plans by some top Army officers to overthrow President Muhammadu Buhari.

The group said the officers had approached them to continue bombing oil installations to give reason and justification for a coup against Buhari.

A statement by the Commander, General Duties, Joint Revolutionary Council, JRC, of JNDLF, General Akotebe Darikoro and others said, “We are constrained to let the cat out of the bag today that President Muhammadu Buhari should be wary about the security of this country as some military men are making move to remove him from power by instigating civil unrest in the country.

“Some top military men through their civil agents approached us to cause and continue the vandalisation of the oil and gas pipelines in the Niger Delta region to use as an excuse to take over the government from democracy to military rule in the country.”

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“We said no, as such plan will not work and not in conformity with our genuine desire of agitation. The military want to disgrace him now and let him quickly look into the issues and make pronouncement for his administration to be in peace.”

The group then called on the President to analyse certain memo from the military concerning Niger Delta region before taking action or otherwise the military will use that as a platform to remove him.

“We know the issue of Niger Delta is political and we prefer political solution to resolve it, but if the President refuses, we strongly advise the President to take a holistic approach to solve the Niger Delta problem, the group said.

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