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Ali Baba tackles ‘irresponsible’ Nigerian politicians



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Veteran Nigerian comedian, Ali Baba has slammed Nigerian politicians who fail in their responsibilities as leaders, but always revert to spiritualism for support.

The comedian admonished Nigerian politicians to quit making a mess of themselves and the nation, in his post on Instagram, adding, that the leaders should serve their citizens.

On Friday, March 26, Ali Baba in his post stated that enough is enough and it was the ideal time for politicians to desist from running to God when they have failed.

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That’s why our country is in a mess.
People who shouldn’t be near political offices, are making policies for professionals,” he wrote.
And when they fail, they will now start praying and asking God to take control of our country, when they did not do what was supposed to be done.”

“Like NIN… if we had carried out a proper Census in Nigeria, would that not help in planning. Naaaaaaa. We will pray to God to come count us.”

He went on to give instances of when professionalism rather than prayers can only give results.

“Why do you look for a driver with experience to drive Mother in Israel? No need for drivers license sef. Employ anyone in the delivery department. Just pray,” he wrote.

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