Barely two days after scornful letter, Obasanjo says Buhari has trust issues

BMO bombs OBJ, says his criticism of Buhari mere ego tripping

Former president, Olusegun Obasanjo has yet again, lashed out at President Muhammadu Buhari, saying the incumbent has issues trusting people not relating to him.

Obasanjo, in an interview with BBC Yoruba, expressed his disappointments at President Buhari, emphasizing that Buhari, who is seeking re-election, is not relevant to those he regards to be ‘less important’ in the forthcoming elections.

Obasanjo said, “Look at all the happenings, the person who is our president (Buhari), said he cannot work with others he (Buhari) feels are less important because he (Buhari) doesn’t trust them. If he cannot trust my people and your people,, of what benefit is he to us? And yet, he is asking our people and his people to vote for him. He can ask for our votes, but he cannot trust us enough to deliver in very sensitive positions. If he doesn’t trust us, why should we trust him?”

The former president also condemned president Buhari’s approach to appointments, confirming the alleged claims that nepotism thrives in the Buhari-led Federal Government.

“If he trusts us to deliver and we misbehave, remove us and appoint another person. But it is people related to him maternally and paternally are who he appoints; because they are the ones he can trust.

“Nigeria, with an ethnic population of over 500, and yet you say that there are some people you cannot trust. That’s what we are saying for the sake of our progress, is this how things should be?”

Obasanjo also claimed that Nigeria’s economy is in disarray, saying; “Look at our economy, is it the way it should be? Our economy can never develop if foreign investors do not come to invest in the economy. But, they are not coming into the country and they will never come.”

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The interview is coming few days after Obasanjo dished out a lengthy letter targeted at President Muhammadu Buhari, calling him a deceiver.

”Buhari has succeeded in deceiving us the first time and we will be fools to allow ourselves to be deceived the second time.”

”What is happening under Buhari’s watch can be likened to what we witnessed under Gen. Sani Abacha in many ways. When Abacha decided that he must install himself as Nigerian President by all means and at all costs, he went for broke and surrounded himself with hatchet men who on his order and in his interest and at high costs to Nigeria and Nigerians maimed, tortured and killed for Abacha. Buhari has started on the same path in mad desperation.”

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