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    They are extending the date of so many deaths in advance. Because January 14 is like Nigerians waiting for Christ coming.

    • chichi emerue

      Christ coming indeed. If Christ decides to come that day, most Nigerians will miss the rapture.

  • yanju omotodun

    “He who likes awof, will die of awof” asserted Plato and Aristotle. Mtchew

    • seyi jelili

      Lol. Awoof dey kill truly.

      I have people on sick beds hinged on mmm, most of them are waiting for good news come 14 January but if truly it turns negative, most will give up the ghost .

  • Joy Madu

    Make dem no try rubbish o. Na Amadioha go strike all those who are involved in siphoning our money.

    • Margret Dickson

      Your money is gone already and there’s nothing you can do about it my dear. You ran at a loss, enjoy the shock while it lasts 😂

  • Animashaun Ayodeji

    What an impressive way to deal with the greedy ones in Nigeria. Some people will never survive the loss!