Travel Practitioners’ Identity Card Stirs Controversy
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Travel Practitioners’ Identity Card Stirs Controversy



Last Tuesday, Nigerian travel agents celebrated what was considered a milestone with the introduction of its identity card called Nigerian Travel Practitioners’ Identity Card (NTPIC) under the leadership of Bankole Bernard, the current president of National Association of Nigerian Travel Agencies (NANTA).

But the celebration was hardly over when the group was slammed with a suit. NANTA was given seven days to withdraw the purported ID card.

In a letter served on Bankole, NANTA President by Yinka Olujimi and Company, Legal Practitioners, with the headline ‘Illegal Introduction of a Purported Nigerian Travel Practitioners Identification Card’, Mr. Wale Ojo- Lanre, a tourism stakeholder, averred that the inauguration of such a scheme was not only Ultra Vires, but outside the purview of the objectives of the association.

THISDAY, July 7, 2018


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