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Afenifere won’t play sycophants to Buhari or any govt



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The pan Yoruba socio-cultural group, Afenifere, on Sunday knocked president Muhammadu Buhari for sinking Nigeria into more problems, saying it won’t play sycophants to government.

The spokesperson of the group, Yinka Odumakin, while speaking on Channels TV’s Sunday Politics, said the group’s criticism of the Buhari administration was borne out of the need to ensure that the government did the right things always.

According to Odumakin, if the government does the right thing, then it would receive the necessary praises.

“When they do good things, we say it.

“When this government decided to honour June 12, didn’t we commend it? We did.

“We are not mad people who will see (a) good thing and say it’s bad but we are also not sycophants who will see (a) bad thing and say it’s good,” Odumakin said.

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Odumakin is, however, sceptical about Buhari’s administration delivering on electoral promises in his second term.

However, he believes he has no other country than Nigeria and is keen to see things improve because “every day that we spend under bad conditions” helps no one and “every day that we spend under good conditions is a plus for all of us”.

He added, “Even if you do not support the government, you will not say that the country should be destroyed. We will be happy if they (the government) get it right.”

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