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Albert Einstein now has an emoji keyboard



Albert Einstein now has an emoji keyboard

Albert Einstein now has an official emoji keyboard, EinsteinMoji, on iOS and Android devices.

Though Einstein is not the first celebrity to get his own emoji keyboard, he may very well be the first scientist of this caliber to get one.

Previously, scientists such as Darwin and Isaac Newton have gotten individual emoji, but never a full, dedicated emoji keyboard.

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“The way we talk to each other is changing. Emoji have become a popular way people communicate, it’s a powerful tool,” says Anthony Iliakostas, Business Affairs Manager at Greenlight Rights (which owns the licensing rights to the Einstein brand).

Iliakostas is in charge of Einstein’s social media accounts and was the one who thought up the idea for Albert Einstein emoji. After doing some research into custom emoji companies, he contacted Moji CEO Oliver Camilo, who loved the idea.

“Einstein has remained a cultural figure even past his death, and this is a great way to translate his brand to a younger audience,” Iliakostas explained.

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