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PDP,consensus candidate and its imminent failure

The dust seems to be settling. Those allegedly indicted are being dealt with by their various institutions and Nigerians as usual have started going back to their dour and colourless lives awaiting the next eruption on social media.

But tarry a while. The issues thrown up by these various social media implosions, while giving us the necessary fix of excitement, throwing us into an orgy of cacophonous engagement and bringing out the analyst in all of us no matter how foolish and imbecilic, have left some of us thinking about our society and what we are leaving for the next generations.

Nigerians are experts in psychological detachment which usually comes with a fast jump on the table of moral piety even with stained clothes. The brazenness of the recent exposure throws a selective amnesia on the general population of semi-literate desktop analysts, blinding them to the folly of their immense contribution to the rot.

So, over hundred million of us voted on the morally bankrupt show-Big Brother-that saw the ‘BBC undercover agent’ type young lady throw her sexuality, indulge in illicit and amorous relationship all in a bid to emerge in a morally dead competition. We all voted for the young male Adonis who strolled in the house near nude, flaunting his sexuality instead of his brain power.

This society is morally dead. We have accepted a moral ineptitude that is alarming and that is why the strident but very hollow cry of the moral majority does nothing to my skin as I scoff at their stupidity when they rain curses on the randy but sweetly handsome Pastor or even when they wish the pot bellied lothario masking as a lecturer dead. I just laugh at the stupidity of society. The immense imbecility of all 180 million of us is outstanding.

Society is dead. Killed by the moral majority who have worn pristine white clothes and have jumped into a huge barrel of red oil and have come out screaming – ohhh I’m still white.

What is the solution. Simple. Cleansing. How do we achieve that? We must start from self. Society cannot be adjudicated by laws. It cannot be redirected by force. It must evolve with the rise of true leadership that would harness the collective will to change and build a potent force for good.

This may sound ambiguous and unworkable, especially in the face of strident and tough economic hardship. But I tell you the resolve to do right can still be mustered since despite the low level we have dropped there still remain benchmarks that we cannot go below. Or, have we started accepting incest or bestiality as a general way of life? Even in our collective depravity we all have built a consensus of the limits to our depravity.

So, we can start from there to begin to build a resurgence to regain our moral compass for there lies the birth of a new dawn for our people.

This gives some hope and I dare say the search for this leadership is in the followership. In the self, in the personal decision to do right according to the dictates of a true conscience built on the strong ethics of justice, equality and fairness. God help us. Sad.

By Joseph Edgar…

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