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NERC to review initiative introduced to close metering gap



The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) has disclosed that it is in the process of reviewing the Meter Asset Provider (MAP) Regulation 2018 to fast-track the closure of the existing metering gap.

Ripples Nigeria had reported that MAP was introduced by NERC as a regulatory initiative to fast-track the closure of the metering gap with the objective of eliminating estimated billing practices.

“Attracting private investment in the provision of metering services, enhancing revenue assurance in Nigeria Electricity Supply Industry (NESI) and promoting local meter manufacturing in Nigeria to ensure transparency in the meter roll-out”.

NERC said this in a “Consultation Paper on the Review of Meter Asset Provider Regulations 2018’’, on its website on Tuesday, March 2, signed by its Chairman, Mr Sanusi Garba.

It said that the purpose of the consultation paper was to review the various options to fast-track the closure of the metering gap within the implementation framework of the MAP regulations.

It said the consultation paper would also close the gap between MAP and the National Mass Metering Programme (NMMP) and would consider the merits and demerits of each option.

The commission said the consultation paper was structured into two broad areas: proposed options for metering implementation going forward: “To allow the implementation of both the NMMP and MAP metering frameworks to run concurrently.

“To continue with the current MAP framework with meters procured under the NMMP supplied only through MAPs by being off-takers from the local manufacturers/assemblers.

“To wind down the MAP framework and allow the DisCos to procure meters directly from local manufacturers/assemblers or as procured by the World Bank.

“And enter into new contracts for the installation and maintenance of such meters,” it said.

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NERC said that under all three options, the DisCos would continue to be accountable for metering as this remained a core responsibility of utilities.

NERC said that the commission would take into consideration, responses to this document and other points or issues that might be raised by stakeholders in reaching a final decision on amendments to be made to the MAP Regulations 2018.

The commission said that it had prepared the document to facilitate an open consultation as possible and had provided the merits and demerits of the proposed changes as well as the potential impact of the changes on the MAP Regulations 2018.

“Therefore, in accordance with the Business Rule of the commission, stakeholders are expected to provide comments, objections, and representations on the proposed amendments within 21-days of this publication.

“Respondents may propose either a modification or an alternative to the proposals, assumptions, and expectations expressed by NERC for further consideration by the commission,” the commission explained.

According to NERC, there will be a virtual public hearing on the proposed review at the expiration of the response period.

It said that at the end of the consultation process, the commission would publish its decision on the proposed amendments to the MAP Regulations 2018.

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