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Three ways machine learning can aid businesses in Nigeria



Three ways machine learning can aid businesses in Nigeria

In Nigeria, as across the whole world, machine learning is taking business by storm.

Robotics, data analytics and artificial intelligence are speeding up the way processes are carried out, mistakes are eradicated, and productivity is increased, so it is no wonder businesses around the country are considering how they can be added to their workforce. The following three methods are simple, achievable ways that machine learning can be added to a business of any size.

1. Employee Survey Analysis

One of the more basic but definitely, the more effective ways that machine learning can be implemented in a business is through employee survey analysis.

If you are a business owner with care and consideration for the thoughts of your employees, you may have made use of an employee survey such as those of If this is the case, you will know how powerful AI can take a look at the written responses of employee surveys that you have conducted to analyse how your staff feel, what their concerns are and how you can help them.

Promoting employee satisfaction is not always taken as seriously as it should be in businesses across Nigeria. Doing so, however, should bring about success for your organisation and – when it can be done so easily using accessible and affordable software – why wouldn’t you?

2. Marketing Strategy

Through analytics, a marketing strategy can also be guided by machine learning.

When it comes to digital marketing, even small businesses are using data in many key ways that allows them to pinpoint their target audience, access them through dynamic and engaging content and create and convert a higher number of leads. By using AI, this data can be collected and processed much quicker than by human or outdated software, allowing marketers to spend more time being creative and less time pouring over statistics and figures.

Through machine learning, less trial and error is necessary and informed decisions are made faster. Large volumes of data can be run through AI to find out how and when visitors are accessing a website, what they are clicking on and how long they are staying for. In the digital age, this type of intelligence is essential.

3. Fewer Manual Tasks

While some argue that the use of robotics in roles where humans used to or currently thrive is unethical, there are several exceptional benefits to consider as well. For instance, using machine learning in dangerous types of manual labour reduces human risk and keeps your employees much safer. Additionally, running costs are lower, robots do not fatigue or become bored by repetitive tasks and ensure an absolute identical standard of quality in any production lines they may be used in.

The reduction of manual tasks in the workplace makes it a safer environment and allows human employees to use the most powerful intelligence of all – brainpower – for the more creative and thoughtful tasks at hand.

Whatever the industry, the use of artificial intelligence should be sincerely contemplated.

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