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‘Change is inevitable’, Bisi Alimi tells homophobes



‘Change is inevitable’, Bisi Alimi tells homophobes

Two days after tying the nuptial knots with his husband Anthony Davis, gay rights activist, Bisi Alimi has sent a thank you message to all his well-wishers while also sounding a message to homophobes (people who express negative attitudes and feelings towards anyone identified or perceived as being lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender).

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In the message, Bisi after thanking everyone who wished them well following his London wedding with his fiancé noted that homophobes should accept the fact that change is inevitable.

“My husband & I will like to say a very big thank you to everyone who wished us well on our wedding. To the homophobes, change is inevitable.” Bisi tweeted.


By Ahmed Boulor…

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