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Hard knocks for actor Gbenro Ajibade after trolling wife publicly

Hard knocks for actor Gbenga Ajibade after trolling wife publicly

Social media trolls reserved nothing but hard knocks for Nollywood actor Gbenro Ajibade who took to social media to criticise his wife cum actress Osas Ighodaro for leaving their baby with a nanny to attend a party.

Gbenro’s tantrum did not go down well with critics on social media who slammed him for bringing the issue into the public space.

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@esmaldi – This Osas drama is textbook Nigerian man manipulation. I learnt a long time ago that when a Nigerian man can no longer control his spouse, he resorts to crucifying her in the court of public opinion. All he has to do, is accuse her of not being a good mother and wife.

@17_xcx – And what’s worse with this Gbenro/Osas matter is I’m sure she’s the sole provider/breadwinner of that family. Nigerian men and their sense of entitlement is absolutely ridiculous.

@oziee_oma – Honestly ehh, things like this annoy me… Now that he broadcasted it, we are still not going to babysit the baby for him, we are still not going to stop osas from going out with her friends…. Is he always around? Abi is it only his wife that will take care of d baby.. Smh

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@spiceeamiee – So would it be different if she was a doctor on night call? Let’s even forget the fact that he is in another country. Osas has been with the child from morning till 6pm before she went out. Child is with nanny. Child sleeps by 9pm and before she wakes up, Osas is back so WTAF??

@bukiola – Gbenro is ranting about Osas leaving their daughter with stranger to attend parties. Coming from someone who has been in the US for God knows when, living ‘la vida loca’. Why not take her with you or come back here and perform your damn duties too.

@okemzuruoke – I remember Osas talking about choosing Gbenro out of love even tho there were many wealthy men asking her hand in marriage. Honestly if you’re going to marry a foolish man, at least marry a foolish man who has money. Not one that will disgrace you when you’re done lifting him up.

Gbenro whose marriage to Osas has been riddled with controversies earlier called out his wife, accusing her of abandoning their baby in the hands of a nanny while she parties with her friends from 6pm to 5am- an act he claims she engages in regularly.

Hard knocks for actor Gbenga Ajibade after trolling wife publicly

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