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Jay Z unveils another money spinner




Jay is maintaining his status as a business mogul in the music industry as he is set to launch the rebranding of his new streaming music service company, Tidal, allowing users to have access to unlimited music online.

This will also put Tidal in direct competition with Spotify. Spotify claims to already have 60 million users, 15 million of them paying 10 dollars a month. Whew!

Known for its high quality sound, Tidal entered the US last November and is already spread out in three countries. It is already big in Britain and France and plans to take Australia and Germany this year.

Jay Z bought Tidal by spending 56 million dollars on its Swedish-listed parent company Aspiro. The rap mogul is set to expand its service in part through partnership with other artists who are not satisfied with available streaming. Tidal streams at 1,411 kilobytes per second. Superfast!

Tidal may be the ultimate, right now, in sound quality, for audiophiles but customers using laptops and smartphones like moi may experience slower connections.

But Tidal is not free, it goes for as high as 19.99 dollars a month. Quite high compared to Spotify’s 10 dollars.

Top musicians like Madonna and Jay z’s wife, Beyonce have already changed their Twitter profile pictures to Tidal colour, Arctic blue, in solidarity with the new company.

-Ify Chiemeziem

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