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Open Letter To Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu, The National Leader Of Our Great Party APC, On The Agitations Of Surulerians On 5th Term Agenda Of Hon Femi Gbajabiamila.

Good day to you Sir, the national leader, Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu. We hope this meets you well.

Permit that we introduce ourselves, as we, The Strategists, are APC card carrying members. We ARE a coordinated, structured association of individuals with strong roots, embedded in every nook and cranny of the Surulere local government. Like is applicable everywhere else, we are also passionate about good governance in our Constituency.

Sir, following the political events since 2003, when Hon Femi Gbajabiamila came on board as our representative in surulere federal constituency 1, we have always supported his candidature. But sadly, at this point in time, it becomes expedient to bring to your awareness our submission not to continue supporting his candidature.
We believe it is now time to stand against what we know is morally and politically wrong.

While it is a known fact that staying away from politics for professional and moral reasons is simply postponing eventualities that may come to affect the party within the surulere Constituency. Evil only thrives when the good people around do nothing. This singular adage is what spurred us to speak out against a bad precedence that is being set in surulere Constituency.

It should be noted that the steps being taken now is long overdue in Surulere Federal constituency, but we believe it’s never too late to act before things get messier.

But before this, it is important that we communicate with the national leaders of the party.

We believe that for people to act there must be some platform for it, based on this, many of us professionals and scholars decided to pitch tent with the frontiers of the struggle (SURULERE UNITED FORCES) as APC card carrying members of the constituency we are well aware that APC was founded as a resistance against unwholesome governmental traits, ours is a party founded on integrity, equal opportunities, hope, steadfastness, self-reflection, positive change and the improvement of life. That was the attraction and now that has eluded us in Surulere constituency 1 because of the political style of just ONE man representing us for too long in a position.
It is to this end, that we stand up to speak against it.

Sir, let it be stated unequivocally and in clear terms that there are problems in Surulere federal constituency 1 with regards to the candidature of Hon Femi Gbajabiamila. And in the event that he is presented as the flag bearer of the party in Surulere constituency 1, we should make it known that the party should expect a recurrence of what happened in Surulere constituency 2 in the last general elections. We, The strategists, in alliance with other group(s), having been following up with events as it unfolds, while also analyzing the politics at play within the party at the apex, has strategically positioned itself ahead of what might play out. The extreme style to represent us in Surulere by Hon Femi Gbajabiamila is nothing but a grand allure of power.

This is why we, the strategists in collaboration with Surulere united forces are proposing that should it be the game plan either by error or trial, omission or commission, overtly or covertly we will stand as party members and as believers of equal opportunity as embedded in our party constitution stand to the end to defend our course on capital NO TO 5TH TERM for Hon Femi Gbajabiamila in Surulere federal constituency 1.

Following the peaceful protest to the home of our national leader Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu by Surulerians to show their displeasure over any plan, either by persuasion, lobbying, permutation, imposition or otherwise for Hon femi Gbajabiamila to return for 5th Term, we reiterate that this will spell doom for the party in Surulere federal constituency 1.

*NO RETURNING OF GBAJA FOR 5TH TERM.. Sir, the agitation of capital NO to 5th term is based on the principle of morality, fairness, equal opportunity and a decentralized Surulere where everybody as stakeholders have right to certain privileges. The time for a new representative in Surulere is now, following the long period of stay of Hon Femi Gbajabiamila in the green chamber. We agitated during 3rd term, you persuaded us that you have a plan for him, 4th term you told us that its was for speakers hip and we believed you.

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ASIWAJU Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Sir, the 5th term shouldn’t even come up for no reason(s) whatsoever. The pronouncement of 5th term either by persuasion, lobbying or imposition means a SLAP on Surulerians and it makes the world believe that SURULERE THAT HABOURS INTELLECTUALS ARE TREATED AS FOOLS DESPITE THE ELITES AND EXPOSURE IN THE COSMOPOLITIAN SPORT CITY,

National leader sir, we the strategist and other group(s) appeal to your inner conscience to please think and rethink on your stand as the agitation is gaining more momentum by the day. We salute your political discretion as we believe that you are a leader that listens to the voice(s) of the people at grassroots level.

Asiwaju Sir, Hon Femi Gbajabiamila has done his part. He has served the good people of Surulere in his capacity. He has also worked hard for the party. BUT it’s good to leave when the ovation is high, On this note Sir, we appeal to your good office to PLEASE listen to the voice of the majority who believe that 5th term agenda is an aberration and its repugnant to equal opportunities for all in fairness and justice.

*BUILDING OF INSTITUTION NOT INDIVIDUAL. Based on the agitation for a capital No to 5th term in Surulere federal constituency 1, we are aware of the fact that powerful institution is one of the bane for a stronger democracy which Nigeria as a nation is striving to attain. On this note Sir, we are advocating that 16 (SIXTEEN) years is enough for an individual to represent and that 20 (twenty) years of 5th term is nothing but the building of an individual who may become more powerful than the institution. On this note Sir, we appeal to your conscience and your powerful political position and office as the party’s leader with its strong base and hold in lagos to listen and consider our demands with the belief that GIVEN ENOUGHT TIME NOTHING IS ACHIEVED, and that holds to the fact of LAW OF DEMINISHING RETURN.

*EMPOWERMENT, DEVELOPMENT AND REALITIES. Sir, we are not blind to the facts and realities of what is obtainable, the strategists, having followed strictly the level of empowerment embarked upon by Hon Femi Gbajabiamila over the past 15yrs plus, and the realities of what is obtainable, its clear from all indication that same cannot be juxtaposed with what is earmarked as constituency allowance project funds meant for constituency development.

Following through on his numerous empowerment programs, what can be concluded is nothing far from what is referred to as POVERTY IN THE MIDST OF Plenty. It’s just a case of empowering 10 people with one keke maruwa and GIVING A GIFT OF OVER #50 MILLION AS BIRTHDAY Gift.
Sir we are no fools in Surulere as the world is watching. WE SAY ENOUGH IS ENOUGH OUR MUMU DON DO. .

*INDIVIDUALLY RUNNING THE PARTY AND HIJACKING THE STRUCTURE, Sir, there is no denying the fact that people are angry with the way things are in Surulere constituency 1 because Hon Gbajabiamila has been running the party like his personal property, which makes everybody feel dissatisfied. One man out of the nine (9) wards has been representing since 2003 till date with four terms of 16 (SIXTEEN) years and still asking for another 4 years of 5th term to make 20 years. This is absurdity on a grand scale, and it’s really disgusting to the ears. Permit us to say this Sir, having followed the wards and LGA party congresses, only four (4) wards were allowed out of the nine (9) wards for the LGA congress at the expense of others, we are equally aware of him hijacking the party registration and importing people from other local government most especially IDI ARABA ahead of the party PRIMARIES. ALL this is not lost on us and many of his political scheming just to return, despite him not wanted by Surulerians.

We have put strategies in place should Hon Femi Gbajabiamila be returned as the flag bearer of APC in Surulere federal constituency 1 then he will have the masses to contend with. People are sick and tired of his political style which leans more on nepotism at its peak, sidelining party faithful and putting his families in position at the expense of the party loyalists.

Equally following events, it’s been discovered that massive rush of constituency project has eluded the constituency for long. Like from 2003 to 2016 project done was less than 50% while from late 2017 to 2018 project done was 60%. Does it means that the project funds were kept to purchase gifts for his families and households? Our agitations should not be disregarded knowing fully well that our strength cannot be underestimated.
Hon Gbajabiamila has been a member of the House of Representative representing Surulere federal constituency 1 since 2003 when he took over from Hon Ayo Oshodi (of blessed memory) he’s on a fourth term (4 TERM) making SIXTEEN (16) Years and still wants another term to make it TWENTY (20) Years.

ASIWAJU Sir, if Hon Ayo Oshodi served this long will Hon Femi Gbajabimila ever have the opportunity to serve considering his age? Sir, let us state in CLEAR TERMS that the agitations is not politically motivated nor sponsored by any group(s) or individual person(s), but rather borne out of the fact that the political consciousness is being awakened and the high demands for others to represent. And in the event that this issue is not exacerbated in line with the voice of Surulerians, the consequences might be worse from the look of things.

With the above points, sir, the national leader of our great party APC, ASIWAJU SENATOR BOLA AHMED TINUBU, We the STRATEGISTS in conjunction with SURULERE UNITED FORCES humbly request that should it, or has been in consideration before now, that Hon Femi Gbajabiamila be the flag bearer of our party in the coming general election, we request that such should be flatly rejected and thrown overboard as same is not in line with good principles and values. Our strength is in our grassroots supporters, the elites, the achievers all group(s) seeing 5th term as an aberration, the marketers, the students and youths who are determined that should the speculated becomes the anticipated, then the reality of a repetition may be the outcome which we would not want it to happen in Surulere federal constituency 1 as we remain party members and loyal to the course of our great party.

God bless you Sir, Asiwaju Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu as you review our request.

Yours sincere

Tope Thomas

(for The Strategists)


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