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70 countries submit 3,158 entries for Abuja Int’l Film Festival

This year’s edition of the annual Abuja International Film Festival with the theme: “FILM AS A TOOL FOR NATIONAL SECURITY AND PATRIOTISM”, has received an unprecedented 3158 entries from 70 countries across the globe.

The breakdown of entries for the highly reputed Film and Video Broadcast Festival with an expected attendance of over 3,000 participants from the film, TV and general public. Countries like India, the United States and Iran account for as much as 310, 258,201 entries respectively, while countries like Trinidad and Tobago, Uzbekistan and Jamaica account for one entry each.

Speaking more about this year’s event which will be the 14th, founder of the festival, Fidelis Duker, revealed that the festival will surpass previous editions in the area of content and will have in attendance members of the Diplomatic Missions in Nigeria.

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Duker said; “The choice of the theme for this year’s festival has become incumbent on Nigerian filmmakers to begin to discuss the importance and role film can play in the area of national security which has become a major challenge globally.

Continuing, he said that, “The theme is double-pronged in scope as security of any nation cannot be complete without patriotism of the citizens and this is where I think the filmmakers who shape perception of society through their films have a role to play.”

Over 70 local and foreign films, 30 of which are feature films, 8 animations, 20 short films, 4 experimental films, 8 documentaries, will be screened with only 35 of them vying for 15 competitive award categories at the festival.

The festival which is organized in conjunction with the Federal Ministry of Information and Communication, the National Film and Video Censors Board, the Nigerian Film Corporation, the Nigerian Intellectual Property Commission and the Nigeria Television Authority is expected to kick off on October 26 at the Silverbird Galleria in Abuja.


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  • Animashaun Ayodeji

    Nigeria’s creative industry never disappoints. It will be good if governmycan look at the brighter side and also utilize the industry very well, enough money can be generated from creative industry also.

    • Balarabe musa

      You are stupid, we are not going to spend a dime on people who corrupt our children with their nude scenario

  • Abeni Adebisi

    Abuja international film festival has always been one of the biggest entertainment events in Africa. Nigeria is still a great country, just that our government is messed up

    • Anita Kingsley

      Yes, is always a major problem facing Nigeria, poor government. Nigeria would have been the biggest creative industry in the world if we didn’t have cheats as our leaders.

      • yanju omotodun

        Mumu, so it’s the movie industry you want the government to spend money when there are better things to spend money on. Our hospitals are shamble, road is zero over ten, education, nothing to write home about , unemployment, alarming, and lots more.
        Just get lost because the money those actors and actresses are making you can’t imagine at our expenses


      Why won’t your government mess up because they know we the ibos are the life wire of the movie industry in Nigeria, if it were to be the northerners, they would have spent well on them

  • Balarabe musa

    This is pure nonsense, this is an Haram and should be discouraged