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4 suspected ISIS recruits returning from Syria arrested in Denmark



Authorities in Denmark have arrested four suspected ISIS members who recently returned from Syria at different locations in Copenhagen.

Security operatives believe that the suspects may have been recently recruited by the militant group Islamic State (IS) in Syria with the aim to committing terrorist violence in the Scandinavian country.

Danish police say ammunition and weapons were found in a connected raid in Copenhagen.

“All four suspects are accused of having violated the penal code … by allowing themselves to be recruited by IS in Syria to commit terrorists acts,” a statement by Copenhagen police said.

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According to a statement by the Danish police, the arrests were part of a joint effort by police and the intelligence service PET to combat the enlisting of people by terrorist groups in war-torn areas of Syria and northern Iraq.

The police did not provide more details on the identity of, or suspicions, about the four, who will appear before a judge for a preliminary hearing on Friday.

In a related development, a 20-year-old man was charged with terrorism for allegedly building a suicide bomb with the aim of launching an attack in neighbouring Sweden.

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