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6 Best Furniture Pieces to Give Your Living Room A Makeover



It’s 2021 and what better way to make the year make you feel truly than with a bunch of good furniture to give your living room a makeover? In this crazy time of a pandemic, we are all usually staying home to keep ourselves and others safe from the dreaded COVID-19. But sometimes, just staying in one place can get boring. Working from home or studying classes online gets mundane and seeing the same things at home can make you feel like nothing’s new anymore.

It gets boring, let’s be honest. You can go around your house and stay in different areas to try and be productive, but there’s always something about the living room that just feels cozy. So, let us help you out in giving that area of your house a makeover with these six awesome living room furniture.

  • Meridian Furniture Contemporary Velvet Upholstered Sofa Set

If your living room couch or sofa has been the same for the last eight years or so, then why not invest in a Meridian Furniture Contemporary Velvet Upholstered Sofa Set, which looks sleek, classy, and modern! This three-piece furniture will surely make a big difference in your house’s forefront. It’s spacious enough, which is perfect for a cozy movie night with your family and some close friends—still maintaining some social distancing, just in case! With upholstery made from silk, it certainly feels luxurious and comfortable to lounge in. Along the backs and sides of this sofa is broad tufting, which gives it a very glamorous vibe. And with its legs finished in chrome plating, it surely looks modern! What’s more, is that it has ultra-soft cushions so if you ever fall asleep on it, you won’t worry about any discomfort!

  • Merax Sectional 3-Seat Sectional Living Room Sofa Couches

This lovely sofa is gray which is great if you have dark or light-colored walls. It fits perfectly in any theme because of the muted color which nevertheless, doesn’t look boring. It’s coated in microfiber waffle suede bodywork with the best quality. With a high-density foam that has spring material and a sturdy hardwood frame, you can be sure that this stylish sofa set will last you for years!

It has three parts: a three-seater sofa, a chaise lounge, and an ottoman. So, you can easily arrange the seats according to your liking. And with an ottoman, you can double it as a storage for some reading materials like coffee table books or magazines for your guests.

  • Betsy Furniture Reclining Loveseat Sofa Set

This sofa set is something you can brag about. Since we’re all pretty much watching Netflix and chilling as our primary way of relaxing at this time, this gives a luxurious movie theater vibe. With a gray microfiber bodywork, pillow-top backrests, pocket coil spring seat cushion that’s filled with high-quality foam, and a backrest that radiates heat, this sofa set is made to provide you with the best comfort. You can even recline one back seat from 90 degrees up to 60 degrees! With both sides of this three-seater sofa having two reclining seats, you will get a full-on movie theater experience when watching your favorite movies or series with your friends and family. Well, we guess movie theaters are not something to miss this time then!

  • RecPro Living Room Couch Slideout Furniture

Since not all of us have the biggest living room space around, the RecPro Living Room Couch Slideout Furniture is the perfect choice of small spaces. This couch may be tiny, but it sure is comfortable! It’s shaped to fit in tiny areas so you can maximize the floor space in your living room. And you can get a lot of years of use from this because of the faux leather polyurethane material that it’s made of. It’s great for lounging and even sleeping! So, if you’re looking for a small couch set that doesn’t compromise comfort, then this is just the right one for you!

  • YODOLLA Electric Lift Recliner Chair

This unique chair has a modern style with outstanding features for an ultimate sitting experience. It can give you a decent massage after a long day and is comfortable enough to lounge in to read your favorite books, watch TV, or play video games. Although you might say that this chair is targeted towards the elderly, it can surely be used by anyone in your home if they or you just want a comfortable and cozy chair. The massage feature has five modes which are pulse, click, wave, auto, and normal. And you can concentrate on your leg, thigh, lumbar, or back. It’s a wonderful addition to your living room, especially if you need to feel relaxed or invigorated, thanks to its very helpful massage feature.

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  • D&D Futon Folding Foam Sleeper Chair

For a pop of color in your living room, the D&D Futon Folding Foam Sleeper Chair is the perfect option. Its pink color will give a fun vibe to any living room space. What’s great about it is that you can use it as a chair or as a single bed. You can easily stow it away or take it with you, and it’s great for when you need an extra space to sleep in, in case a visitor might want to spend the night.

Where to get the best living room furniture?

There are tons of online and physical stores where you can get living room furniture, but if you want the best quality with awesome deals, then be sure to check out Storables.com. Their website has the best pieces you can ever find at competitive prices, and you can even get some ticks and tricks on how to redecorate areas in your home. You’ll get a ton of information on their website, so it’s surely worth trying!

Ready, set, makeover time!

These are just six living room furniture pieces to make a small difference in your living room and give it just a bit of excitement. There’s so much more on the Storables.com website if you want a full-on change in your living room. So, check out their website and get more ideas. Good luck!


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