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Chris Brown, Soulja Boy plan bloodbath fight in Dubai

Chris Brown, Soulja Boy plan bloodbath fight in Dubai

R&B crooner Chris Brown and rapper Soulja Boy are both serious about their impending fight as both artists are gearing up for a bloodbath duel in Dubai set to be staged on January 29th.

Reports say the much publicised duel will not be staged in the United States of America due to certain legal restrictions- —like the fact that they’ll both be drug tested before stepping into the ring.

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According to TMZ, both Chris and Soulja genuinely dislike each other and each wants to beat the crap out of the other, but what they want more than anything is a huge paycheck by running the fight on Pay-Per-View TV.

Both Chris and Soulja have talked about making this a charity fight, but reports say some of the money generated from selling tickets will line their pockets.


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