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I belong to everyone but to no one



By Joseph Edgar …
This statement at the inauguration led to a lot of comments and jokes. We are today beginning to see the full import of this statement. Twenty-seven major and strategic appointments all from the North and the revolution that is the ‘change’ is beginning to stare us in our ugly faces.
While the leadership of All Progressives Congress and the rest continue to fool themselves by dancing naked under the rain, smearing imaginary enemies with probes, the northern machinery is taking over the country, busy destroying all we have achieved in the past 16 years in the area of national cohesion. With these shameless appointments that are so lopsided you would think southerners have become slaves or even worse, Cameroonians in our own country.
I never believed in this contraption that is APC. The fact that Jonathan foolishly led one of the most inept and corrupt regimes this country had ever seen never made me believe in the change mantra that was being sold to us. Buhari, apart from coming out from his self-imposed loneliness every four years to contest elections, never exposed himself to the ways of the modern world.
Unlike his predecessors, OBJ and Gowon who went for further education and exposure after their tenures, he never, to my knowledge did and what we are seeing today is the shallowness of his thoughts and the conviction of a narrow minded patriot who will only see the total emancipation of the country from the eyes of an ethnic patriot.

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So because PDP stole us dry, only northerners can salvage the situation? I am looking for south west APC leaders. I really have to laugh at their face. All the technocrats and social media gurus who sold us this dummy, I really need to pull down my boxer shots and show them my bare bottom in praise for their foolish efforts. Today we are being saddled by the most narrow minded government we have seen in years. It’s funny and contradictory that we used modern technology, social media to put in place the most traditional and old fashion regime ever.
With phyric appointments at the NNPC and Federal Revenue service, I am sure the architects of these appointments will feel they have balanced it out.
Sorry, let me also add the Chief of Naval Staff, we have truly shown Federal Character in these appointments and everything will be ok.
Change has come, let’s learn to leave with it. Change, real change. I wait for another four years. We will never give up in this country until we get it right. This is another dark hole. We are yet to see the light. Change? this no be change.

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