Igbo youths give condition to drop Biafra agitations
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Igbo youths give condition to drop Biafra agitations



Are there no elders left in the Igbo land?

The Ohanaeze Ndigbo Youth Council on Tuesday declared that Ndigbo must produce the President of Nigeria in 2019 or else will pursue a separate state from Nigeria called Biafra.

The group said it has to bring the two options to the table since the North has been opposed to the growing demand for restructuring, which seems to be coming mostly from the Southern part of the country.

The group further said that the call by northern youths that all Igbo indigenes living in the North region must vacate on or before October 1, was another major reason it has decided that it is either the South-East is allowed to produce the next president of the country or be allowed to move on with its age long agitation for the state of Biafra.

“It is Igbo Presidency in 2019 or Biafra 2020,” the group in a communiqué signed by its general secretary, Okwu Nnabuike, declared, vowing that the South East would no more play the ‘second fiddle in Nigerian politics.’

Part of the communiqué read, “More annoying is the fact that the North, a major beneficiary in this direction, has bluntly refused to heed the call for restructuring, which has been identified as the panacea for the many socio-political problems plaguing the nation.

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“Besides, they (North) have also not only continued to express disdain over the demand for Biafra by IPOB and MASSOB, but have also ordered the Ndigbo out of the North based on these agitations.”

The Igbo youths seem to have finally heeded to the advice of former President Olusegun Obasanjo, who not too long ago, asked Ndigbo to give the presidency position a shot.

Meanwhile, the separatist groups, MASSOB and IPOB have continued to insist on Biafra and said that they are not in support of Igbo presidency.




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