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IPPIS: Here are 9 reasons lecturers may shut university doors again



STRIKE: FG, ASUU meeting ends; union to announce decision Thursday

Signs of another round of crisis are beginning to show in the education sector in the country, and except the major actors in the brewing crisis find an immediate solution, Nigerian universities, especially, federal government owned ones may be shut again.

This is because of the current face off between the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) and the Federal Government over the government decision to capture university staff under its Integrated Personnel Payment System (IPPIS).
Though government insists that capturing the university workers under IPPIS is meant to promote transparency, the university teachers believe otherwise and are sticking to their position.

Here are the nine reasons ASUU says will not make them accept enrollment under IPPIS:

1. ASUU says the university system is dynamic and integrating universities into IPPIS would unleash on the university unintended consequences, which include mutating academics into mainstream civil service.

2. ASUU believes that there is no clear and convincing evidence that IPPIS can capture remuneration of staff on sabbatical, external examiners, external assessors, and Earned Academic Allowance.

3. ASUU notes that IPPIS does not and cannot cater for the constant movement of staff in the cases of visiting, adjunct, and part-time lecturers.

4. ASUU contends that IPPIS cannot predict and address the promotion of academics especially, associate professors and professors, which are subject to external assessment.

5. It also believes that IPPIS will constitute an impediment in the way of the ability of Universities to recruit staff for new programmes as well as replace same, while newly employed staff cannot be paid their salaries until they are enrolled into IPPIS database.

6. ASUU relies on section 2AA of the universities Miscellaneous Provisions (Amendment) Act 2003 that States universities should be allowed to operate in compliance with enabling laws, statutes, rules and regulations in conformity with due process and within the laws of the land.

7. It is the view of ASUU that the law establishing each university is an Act of the National Assembly; hence, it cannot be upturned by an Executive action or operations of the OAGF.

8. The union also insisted that its members are not answerable to the office the Accountant General of the Federation, but to their respective Governing Councils.

9. ASUU finally noted that no university in the world operates an IPPIS-related system.

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