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[Opinion] NIGERIA – Enough of the rape!



I received a phone call late one night and I am still hoping and praying that it was some kind of a joke. The caller was my in-law, Labi, a part time politician and businessman.

Labi loves politics and enjoys the intrigues and turns that comes with the Nigerian variant. He had at some point attempted to vie for elective posts but recorded very tepid results. This, however, has not dampened his enthusiasm for politics and he was the harbinger of what I am really hoping will not come to fruition.

Okoroacha represents the kind of leadership that should not be encouraged. Throwing up this leadership from the South-East will further damage those regions potentials as it struggles within itself.

Okoroacha stands for me a symbol of the decay that continues to arrow head the gradual disintegration of what is today known as the Nigerian nation state.

Post Buhari, what we are looking for is effective leadership. Leadership that will definitely rise above the quagmire of self-inflicted wounds that seem to have wrestled us to our knees.

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What we need is what I want to call a ‘calming leadership’, one that will bring all factions together, bring everybody back to the table with steady hands and provide a healing balm that will also allow for credible engagement amongst the federating units.

This Buhari tenure has been turbulent, lopsided and terribly shallow in its engagement and execution of very nihilistic policies, leading to the widening of the fault lines that have been with us since the amalgamation and the continued tremor that threatens to tear us apart.

Leaders like Okoroacha lack the basic understanding of the issues, the patience for dialogue and carries with him the mercantilist tendencies of a mercenary whose only objective is to rummage and pillage.

Nigeria after this serial rape needs a rest. A rest from the carnage that has been wrought on it by a continuous flow of pirates who have masked under the guise of pretentious leadership to rape it ceaselessly and forcing it to its knees.

We need a visionary leader with sufficient dose of charisma, whose body language will evoke the need for unity as we face collective challenges.

This country cannot throw up this type of leaders if people like Okoroacha whose hold on the structure and levers of control will continue to throw darkened mist along the pathway.

The people would have to be decisive at this point, sticking very clearly to the desirable principles of self-determination, instead of the evil apronstrings of demented patronage as we seek a true pathway to healing post- Buhari.

Author: Joseph Edgar…

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