Princess recounts how Baba Ijesha was caught molesting 14-year-old child (Video) | Ripples Nigeria
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Princess recounts how Baba Ijesha was caught molesting 14-year-old child (Video)



Princess recounts how Baba Ijesha was caught molesting 14-year-old child (Video)

Popular comedienne, Oluwadamilola Adekoya, aka Princess has narrated how Nollywood actor Olarenwaju Omiyinka, popularly known as Baba Ijesha, was caught sexually harassing a 14-year-old girl in her custody.

Princess, during an Instagram live broadcast monitored by Ripples, broke down in tears.

She published the video on Wednesday night after a footage where Baba Ijesha was seen apologising aired across various social media platforms.

According to her, Baba Ijesha betrayed her trust and years of mentorship by committing the act.

“So Baba Ijesha had challenges and he needed my help in getting into UNILAG so he came to my house and I was not going out. I asked the children, the three boys to go play.. two of the other girls wanted to follow them.

“My aunty had come to visit me and he was there. When she was leaving, I had to go downstairs to lock the gate after her.

“I did not know what happened within the space of two-three minutes but the following week, the school called me to come and see what happened with my children.

“They said the girl sat on her brother’s legs and was doing her waist in the weird manner,” she started.

Princess said the defilement had an adverse effect on the child as she began to decline academically and otherwise.

She said she wanted to catch him red-handed and had to call him for a meeting in her house where she had set up CCTV and he was captured trying to molest the girl again.

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“I decided to call Baba Ijesha but my friend asked us to be wise, that people will want to support Baba Ijesha If we don’t have enough evidence.

I called CCTV Company to come to set up a camera.

“We told everybody to leave the house. She was scared because she hadn’t seen him again since that 7 years.

“The CCTV was set up, he came in, he saw that there was nobody at home.. I told him i was going somewhere that he should feel relaxed, he said okay.

“Barely few seconds after I left, he stood up, he began to check my whole house to be sure that none of the children was awake.

“He checked for cameras and when he was sure there was none, he started.

“I can’t even begin to relay the things he did because I was shaking, it was too much for me.”

She berated people accusing her of trying to set up the actor and tarnish his image.

Princess continued, she revealed that Baba Ijesha licked her daughter’s ears, pressed her breast and rubbed her private part for 30 minutes.

She said it’s hearbreaking that some people are still questionning the case of sexual molestation and supporting the actor just to gain popularity.

She added that no mother should be made to watch her child suffer molestation.

She also stated that she has been receiving a lot of insults since the case started and asked people to put themselves in her shoes.

Watch the video below.

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