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Buhari, London thieves and Diaspora Nigerians



By Patrick Nwadike . . .

“Was Buhari wrong in speaking the truth? The extent of criminality our elected politicians display is evident for all to see. It’s a known FACT!!!!”

How about Nigerians living in London?

“It’s not about the Nigerians living and working hard to provide for themselves and family, but the criminal politicians who uses money meant for development to buy houses in London. FACT is that we celebrate criminality in Nigeria. A civil servants who earns 150 thousand Naira a month builds an estate worth of millions of Naira and people are singing and praising him. We’ve lost our values. Period!!!!”

What you have stated above cannot be questioned but that is not the issue. The other Friday in London, Buhari stated clearly to his hosts that Nigerians are rogues. Therefore, are Nigerians in Nigeria and world-wide thieves? Are you a thief? Wait until you are treated like a criminal by foreign authorities, then you will reckon that this is not about morality but ethics. A president should be talking about the “minority bad egg” narrative, not a sweeping condemnation. That is his job.

“We are good at sentimental misinterpretation and that’s why we are still lagging behind in today’s democratic setting. Buhari statement was not targeted to innocent Nigerians but to those who steal our resources dry and use it to better the west. Buhari was just confirming the fact known worldwide that our corrupted leaders loot us dry and the Western banks openly do business with them. I can’t be treated like a criminal because am a law abiding citizen. I don’t do criminal deals or 419.”

If Buhari said it like you stated above, then, we should not be here. Thank you! I am very sure that you know more than what you’ve just said. I am sure you’re “forming” this level of naivety to win the argument.

“You can make your point without being irrationally sentimental. You don’t have to agree with me!!!”

“Some Nigerians claim is that life is too difficult back home, but they have also made it difficult for Europeans and Americans to accept them because of the number of Nigerians in prisons all over the world accused of drug trafficking or human traffic…”

“So, what’s wrong with that statement? It’s a known FACT!!!!!”

There will be nothing wrong with the statement if it came from you or myself but when it comes from a leader in the mold of Buhari, it is called insensitive, undiplomatic and callousness.

“So we should now dwell on it? More pressing issues that we in Diaspora should be talking about instead of wasting our collective energy debating on this. We as a nation need to account for our wastage in terms of looting of our resources by these corrupted politicians. Let us think like people with exposed ideas not sentimental backward individuals.”

If you want to start a topic on looted fund, why not. The thread here is about statements Buhari makes overseas against Nigerians. Why do you have problem with that but have no problem discussing looted fund? How about discussing about lack of jobs, and basic amenities rather than about looted funds?

“Lack of jobs is as a result of looted funds.”

And why was Buhari elected?

“To stop funds being looted and also prove to international community that Nigerian government is serious about redeeming our damage image globally. Then jobs will be created when funds allocated for projects are utilised accordingly.”

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So, has he stopped funds being looted this past 8 months of his regime? Note that I have not asked you about improving the lives of the citizens under PMB because I know that you must tie it to looted fund. Again, has Buhari stopped fund being looted under his regime in the past 8 months?

“Yes he has!!!! Rome was not built in a day. It’s work in progress and all we need do, is support his efforts rather than criticise them.”

Then, check Remita saga, check 2016 budget. And above everything, I don’t think you’re completely honest considering your own assertion that Nigerians takes home monthly salary more than they earn. Are you saying that this practice has stopped under Buhari? Are our police men no longer demanding and forcefully taken bribes on our roads under PMB?

“No one can tackle the mess left behind by the previous regime that quick unless he’s God. Buhari is doing a great job and will definitely need time to sanitise the rotten system. Like I said, it’s work in progress and will take time.”

I can understand how positively crafty you’re but you’re not responding to treatises. First, you said Buhari never called Nigerians criminals in London and when I provided evidence, you switched to what you termed important things. Currently, I put forward to you that corruption thrives under Buhari’s nose and you stepped back to yester-years, blaming “previous regime.” Please, kindly respond to these questions: Are Nigerians earning NGN18,000 taken home this sum only under PMB? Have our police officers stopped demanding bribes from road users?

“Your opinion, I do not have to answer your question because it does not fit in. How can you say corruption thrives under Buhari regime?”

So, Nigerians now takes only their salaries home per month since PMB came in?

“Be pragmatic in your thinking bruv. Never said so, read my comment again.”

I read your comment and I’m very practical. You stated emphatically with “Yes he has!!!!” when asked whether PMB has seen to the end of looted fund. I pointed out two instances under him: REMITA and 2016 Budget but you were a no show. Be pragmatic and respond to the REMITA saga and 2016 Budget under Buhari. Remember that you said this, ” civil servants who earns 150 thousand Naira a month builds an estate worth of millions of Naira”. Has the above stopped under PMB?

“I do not have to respond to anything if I choose not to. Yes there are issues with some of his policies including the Budget 2016. It’s work in progress and will need time to eradicated such practices. No it hasn’t stopped but will in due time.”

Thank you! I have no further questions. Henceforth, I wish to supply to you the following: that no country in the world has eradicated corruption; that Nigerian politicians are not more corrupt than their counterparts in Asia (including China), EU and America. However, the difference is that these governments provided basic amenities and functional middle class. Nigeria lacks these not mainly due to corruption but due to wickedness against her own people. Imagine, my dear bruv, that for over 55 years, no city in Nigeria has unstoppable pipe-borne water. Again, no city, not even Abuja, not Lagos, neither Enugu nor Calabar or PH. Now, that is not corruption but wickedness. Finally, I know the solution but will not say because that will be chasing the wind. Goodnight from here!

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