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In-coming govt: The vultures are out -Bakare



Pastor Tunde Bakare, General Overseer of the Latter Rain Assembly on Sunday called on the President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari, to ensure he takes great care in the kind of people he appoints to assist him in the running of government.

Bakare, who was running mate to Buhari in 2011, cautioned Buhari against appointing persons with questionable character into his government. Some of such people, he said are among those who facilitated Buhari’s success on March 28.

Speaking at the 26th anniversary of his church, the cleric revealed, that already, a lot of people have been sending applications to him, seeking one appointment or the other, even though he is not the vice president-elect.

 “You don’t know how many applications are in my phone. I am not the Vice-President; I am not looking for a job. They said ‘we know General Buhari listens to you; if I cannot get Minister of Works, maybe I will get Minister of Aviation’.

“The vultures are now going round and round. If he does not have quality people around him, then they will put round pegs in square holes and within two years, we are back to square one.”

The 60 year-old pastor urged Buhari to start the fight against corruption from his circle and lay a good example, saying change cannot be achieved if these were not done.

He said, “I congratulate Nigerians; we have chosen a man of integrity as our President. But integrity is not enough to run a government.

“May the good Lord surround the President-elect with men and women of goodwill, great intellectual capacity, competence and character to help restore our wasted years.

“I pray sincerely that not all those who facilitated his winning the election will be among those who run the government. I did say before the election that I trust the person of General Buhari but not all those around him.

“I mean every word of it because many of them are nothing but Ali Baba and 40 thieves. And if these are the same who would go into government, you can’t fight evil with evil. You can as well kiss the anti-corruption stance of Mr. President-elect goodbye.”

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