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Love child threatens to tear Beyonce, Jay Z apart



Love child threatens to tear Beyonce, Jay Z apart

The roller coaster marriage of rapper Jay Z and pop diva Beyonce is now being threatened after it was revealed that the Roc Nation CEO allegedly has a babymama who he reportedly impregnated while she was still a teen.

The shocking revelation has now brought Beyonce to crossroads with reports saying she is planning separation and already talking to her lawyers over a $1 billion divorce suit which she plans to serve Jay Z.

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Reports also reveal that Jay Z has been battling tooth and nail to avoid a DNA test that could prove whether he fathered a now-adult son.

The love child, 23-year-old Rymir Satterthwaite, claimed in court documents that his mother, Wanda, had steamy sex sessions with Jay-Z in 1992.

Jay-Z’s relationship with the young girl has emerged as the music industry’s power couple sits on the brink of divorce following Beyoncé’s release of the blockbuster album “Lemonade,” which dealt majorly with Jay Z’s infidelity.

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