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Ministerial list: Was it worth the wait?



By Joseph Edgar … .

Much as I hate joining the bandwagon, I simply cannot resist it this time. Buhari’s list has been eliciting all sort of flak from every quarter and my adding weight would simply be overkill. But people, much as I try, I find it difficult to resist.

We had to wait this long to find out that Amaechi, Fashola, Ngige and Fayemi would make the list. This was the worst kept secret ever and the only explanation for this could be that the long wait was as a result of the need to beg the powers that be to allow them join the cast.

After waiting this long, we are thrown a list of gerontocrats, same stale technocrats and political jobbers who have continued to pervade our political spectrum and I dare say have contributed immensely to us being where we are today as a country.

Are we ready for the gigantic challenge that beset us on all fronts, is this team capable of assisting the President in achieving his troika of goals, Corruption, security and economy? I doubt. I swear, I sincerely doubt.

Look, much as I personally love some of these men, I cannot but flag their current issues with corruption. I see an Amaechi spending his time fighting Wike and also in the courts. What we will see will be a major distraction that would further smear the government. Are we saying that despite the wonderful role Amaechi played during the elections he could not be compensated with a National Honour and that slot given to a less controversial figure who will face the arduous task of rebuilding the economy.

Same with Fashola. We all know the very powerful forces he is fighting. Look at the court cases, petitions and all what will not cease with this. Just yesterday I was at a Lagos Parastatal to see my friend. He was the Executive Director Finance and Investment. Very upstanding person and high level professional. Despite the fact that I had known him for over 20 years he never gave me business simply because my firm did not meet their minimum criteria.

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He used to buy me drinks, offer me his own personal money which was nothing and generally just tap me on the back and say ‘Edgar, go and bring a better platform let’s deal’. He still had one more term to run but was allegedly sacked simply because he was appointed by Fashola. In taking this decision, his role and performance I am sure was not taken into consideration, I even hear that his Director General was fired mid-term.

So you see why I am not too excited about this list after all these years. What we have just been served with is a recycled list, a rehabilitation exercise and a lame attempt at putting ‘credible’ people in positions of power.

Let’s reject this list and demand for a more virile list. I will be publishing my own list of better positioned people who could take us to the Eldorado. Watch out.

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