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Nigeria police rated worst in the world in ranking of 127 countries

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The Nigeria Police Force (NPF) has been ranked worst in the world according to the 2016 World Internal Security and Police Index (WISPI).

The WISPI was released by two bodies – the International Police Science Association and the Institute for Economics and Peace.

The report which measured the police’ ability to address internal security issues, assessed police in 127 countries based on four metrics—capacity, process, legitimacy and outcomes.

The report showed that Nigeria performed poorly in all four categories, with a score of 0.255.

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“There are 219 police officers for every 100,000 Nigerians, well below both the Index median of 300, and the sub-Saharan Africa region average of 268.

“This limits the capacity of the force to measure up to its law and order mandate.

“In terms of process, legitimacy and outcomes, the story is not different which makes the force fall short of the required standard.

“High levels of political terror have been an issue for Nigeria since 1993, with the country scoring a 4 on the Political Terror Scale every year since then.

“Terrorism remains one of the greatest threats to internal security. Terrorism has increased dramatically over the last three years, with more than 62,000 people being killed in terrorist attacks between 2012 and 2014. The biggest rise in the last year occurred in Nigeria”, the report read.

According to the report, the top 10 performing African countries were Botswana which ranked highest at 47, followed by Rwanda which took the 50th position.

Others include Algeria, Senegal, Tunisia, Egypt, Burkina Faso, Ghana, South Africa and Mali, in that order.

The remainder of the 10 worst performing African countries include Madagascar (111th), Zambia (112th), Ethiopia (115th), Sierra Leone (117th), Cameroon (120th), Mozambique (122nd), Uganda (124th), Kenya (125th), Democratic Republic of Congo (126th).

Europe was at the top of the global rankings, with eight European countries in total.

Reacting however, Jimoh Moshood, spokesman of the police, rejected the report, claiming Nigeria police was best in Africa.


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  • There is no doubt about this, Nigerian police is the worst in the entire universe and planets as well. They lack sophisticated equipment, they lack intelligent officers, they are the most corrupt even more than the politicians, and every bad vices can be found in Nigeria police to the extent of helping armed robbers to carry out successful operation.

  • I don’t need to doubt either, with their lots of unprofessional operations and human rights infringements, I doubt if they are not even the “best among the worst”, police that supposed to be best friends with the public has created unnecessary fear and total partition, they make their stupid undeserved money they are collecting from motorists most paramount, they even kill for it…Although, there are still some of them that are reasonable and patriotic…


  • This is so true about the Nigerian Police. The Police is the most corrupt body in this country, that’s why their operation is horible

  • The ethics of the Nigerian Police has been ridiculed by the force itself. Nigeria Police is the only force that’s not respected in Nigeria, even Customs has more respect than the Police

  • I will blame the government for this. Let’s start from how they recruit police officers into the force, the illegality and the qualification of those they recruit are not supposed to be in any force at all. The salaries that the police collect, it is too small to fit into the current economy of Nigeria, these are just few reasons the Nigeria Police will continue to be bad

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