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Olisa Metuh called



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By Joseph Edgar . . .
My phone suddenly came alive yesterday in the morning. It rang with a vengeance. I looked at the number and did not recognize it. I hesitated, we had heard of so many stories of people loosing their manhood by simply picking a call. This strange call with the funny digits was not going to dismember me, never. Not in my prime. So I ignored the call.

But it was persistent. Shrieking and piercing my morning’s calm. I eventually decided to pick and a huge voice came online, ‘Joseph, I am back from the barbers’. I responded by saying welcome and congrats, but who are you sir and he replied, ‘this is Olisa Metuh’.

I screamed, jumped up and raced around the house petrifying my baby Zara who had just seen me crying because of the state of my Bank balance occasioned by this wonderful change in government we had just given ourselves.

Olisa Metuh was on the line and here was I seminude with my phone on one hand and Zara on the other looking and wondering if her dad had gone mad. It was obvious why Olisa was calling, my piece on his new Chairman, Alhaji Ali Modu Sherif was on display in my influential column in Thisday that morning.

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In the piece, I was critical of his appointment, claiming it was an APC master stroke never to lose power. For how where you going to explain this appointment, a politician with this kind of baggage being appointed to the chairmanship of a party which should be rebuilding and getting itself ready for another shot at the polls.

Olisa was also alluding to my comment that as soon as he comes back from the barbers where he had gone to shave his grey beards which he grew in the gulag in his call. He laughed boisterously and promised to meet up with me to explain everything.

I am looking forward to this meeting with so much anticipation and hoping that by the time I am through with this I would really understand this kind k legged appointment.

So guys fingers crossed.

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