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Seyi Law suggests he may sue Kemi Olunloyo for tagging his baby “obese”

Seyi Law suggests he may sue Kemi Olunloyo for tagging his baby “obese”

Stand-up comedian, Seyi Law, has suggested in a recent interview with a Nigerian newspaper that he might sue controversial media personality and blogger, Kemi Olunloyo, for constantly tagging his daughter “obese”.

The comedian, in the interview, said he wouldn’t have replied Kemi had she advised on the need to watch his daughter’s weight when she commented on the picture he took with his baby but was miffed at the fact that the blogger went ahead to call his daughter names.

Seyi Law said; “If she had initially written something like I saw Seyi Law’s daughter’s picture and I think he should watch the weight of his baby so that she doesn’t become obese, that would have been better because it is a piece of advice.

“It is a better approach and not calling my baby obese without having the necessary precautions like taking the baby’s weight, height, eating routine and other things. If she had done all these things before coming to the conclusion that my baby is obese, that would have been medically fine.

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“If we were in the US or UK; providing a baby’s medical report on social media without the approval of the parents, I know what it entails and the amounts she would pay as fine. The cyberspace is not limited to a country, it is worldwide. She claims to be a citizen of the US and my child is a US citizen. I could decide to sue her in the US and she would pay out of her nose,” he added.

Seyi and Kemi have both been at each other’s throats in the last two weeks after the 50-year-old mother of two condemned him for his jubilation over her arrest and detention two months ago, calling him an “imbecile of a comedian”.

In his reply, Seyi came hard for Kemi, saying says she ranted like a “rabies infested dog” and was only being jealous because she wished that she could have a lovely face to wake up to, and go back home to see like Tiwaloluwa his daughter, hence her bitterness towards his baby.


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