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10 Reasons Why President Buhari’s No-Show In Ogoniland Is Bad, Bad PR

By Joseph Edgar ….
The title of this piece shows very aptly my present state of mind. This is what our people in the slums of Ajegunle refer to when they say ‘I just tire’, when asked to comment on such developments. These latest appointments have shown that the federal character principle may have been thrown out of the window.
The lopsidedness of the whole thing is laughable. I have never been one to support the maiming of merit over the principle of equality in these appointments, but being the kind of people that we are, and judging by the way we have been carrying on since the emergence of democracy one would have expected a better spread in these things.
I cannot but complain too much sha if you take into consideration that we in the South East have at least held two key positions but when I look across the River Qua and see my Eastern brothers, I have nothing but bitter tears and pity for them.
When I told them to join the train and vote APC they stuck to their positions and overwhelmingly cast their votes for a losing party. Now see what they are going through. No true representation in the centre. This must be very harrowing for them and must remind them of post-civil war Nigeria.
Well it’s not over yet. There is a strong possibility that when ministers would be appointed they will make an overwhelming majority. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed. But then again, why the worry, our new president is known for his candor. He had said it, that those who will enjoy him are those who voted for him, so you see why people like us have decided to respect ourselves and just sit out these four years.

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But then again, we are dealing with he who said, ‘I belong to everyone and to no one’. These appointments are a true reflection of that statement. They show that they are no respecter of power blocs, zones or ideologies. These decisions and appointments show that they belong to a set mind that has a clear vision of where he is going and those who will support and work with him in achieving whatever he has planned to achieve.

My people, let me don’t say much as I keep watching and observing. Events are still unfolding and when I am ready, I will really comment in a manner that will also show that I also will belong to no one but everyone.

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