US Senate to vote to end support of Saudi-Yemen war

US Senate to vote to end support of Saudi-Yemen war
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The US Senate is set to vote on Wednesday in order to terminate Washington’s support for the Saudi Arabia-led military campaign in Yemen.

Senator Bernie Sanders who made the announcement on Tuesday described the war as a humanitarian and strategic disaster.

It is recalled that the Saudi-Emirati-led coalition has consistently attacked civilians since 2015 while the US continues to sell Saudi Arabia and the UAE weapons for use in the war on Yemen.

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According to the United Nations, Yemen remains the world’s worst humanitarian disaster with about 14 million of the impoverished country’s 29 million population on the brink of starvation.

Almost 100 civilians were either killed or wounded every week in Yemen last year, with children accounting for one-fifth of all casualties, the UN reports.

The vote on the war resolution will be the second in four months in the Senate.

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